WSU Program Queen Bees

WSU Program Queens WSU Program queen – naturally mated. Due to our climate, queen production takes place in June and July and WSU Program Queens will be available for shipment in July-August. Limited quantities are available – priority will be given to beekeeping associations in the PNW involved in local breeding efforts.
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The WSU honey bee breeding program had its origin in the late 1990’s when a diverse collection of US honey bee stocks was purchased and screened for apicultural characteristics under Pacific Northwest conditions.  Continuous selection criteria for these stocks have included hygienic behavior, gentleness, overwintering ability, honey production and disease resistance in the absence of antibiotics.  Occasional introductions of new genetic material through the drone mother colonies have continued through the years, including selected Carniolan and Caucasian stocks derived from recent importations.  Queens are mated at our isolated mating station in the George Hudson Biological Preserve on WSU’s 800-acre Smoot Hill Farm.

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