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WSU Program Queen Bees

WSU Program Queens WSU Program queen – naturally mated. Due to our climate, queen production takes place in June and July and WSU Program Queens will be available for shipment in July-August. Limited quantities are available – priority will be given to beekeeping associations in the PNW involved in local breeding efforts.

Honey Bee T-Shirt

BEE HELPFUL, Show your support for the WSU Bee Program. Yellow Shirt Sizes and Quantity: Small: 3 XL: 6 XXL:5 Gray Shirt Sizes and Quantity: Small: 1

WSU Produced Honey

Honey produced on the Palouse and Island County as a part of the Honey Bee Research program. This honey is from our honey bees are located throughout WSU: Pullman/Moscow and Island County. Honey is bottled separately by location to highlight is origin's flavor and benefits. Honey production is seasonal and base upon the productivity of the bees, quantities may be limited.
Desde €2.33

Entomology I Heart Bugs

T-shirt comes in both unisex and women's fit. Sizes and Quantity: Small: 9 Medium: 16 Large: 11 XL: 10