2017 Sparkling Hard Apple Cider

Sku: BL17HC

Spurred by their curiosity, a group of Blended Learning students set out to create a cider using traditional cider apples grown specifically for fermentation as opposed to using desert apple varieties found on grocery store shelves. The students worked with cider apple grower and producer, Tieton Cider Works to select cider apple varieties that they would use to blend their cider. 

Juice from sweet and semi-sweet cider apples were individually fermented in stainless steel tanks, blended and prepared for a second fermentation using the traditional champagne method, adding yeast and a small amount of sugar to produce a dry, spakling cider. The resulting Sparkling Hard Apple Cider is very unique with its apple, pear and tangy ginger flavors, fine texture and bubbly finish.

Aroma/Flavor: apple, pear, honey and spice
Partner Orchard: Tieton Cider Works
Composition: 8.5% Alcohol